Cake Fillings


Pistachio/raspberry filling

Delicate vanilla sponge cake with pistachio cream from mascarpone and raspberry coulis.

500 MDL/kg

Exotic (Coconut and Mango)

Almond sponge cake with smooth coconut mousse and mango coulis.

450 MDL/kg

Banana/ Strawberry filling

Vanilla sponge cake, cream cheese cream with caramelized banana and strawberry coulis

450 MDL/kg


Chocolate sponge cake dipped in coffee and filled with whipped cream, milk chocolate and mousse made of coffee and milk. Contains Bailey's alcohol.

450 MDL/kg


Pandișpan de ciocolată, înmuiat în cafea și umplut cu cremă din frișcă, ciocolată cu lapte și mousse de cafea și lapte. Conține alcool Baileys.

430 MDL/kg

OREO chocolate cake

Chocolate biscuit with a layer of cream based on natural cream and cream cheese with the addition of chocolate cookies.

430 MDL/kg


Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate pralines and soaked in coffee syrup, topped with a delicate mousse with chocolate biscuits, walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts.

430 MDL/kg


Honey sponges soaked in a cream based on sour cream and natural cream with walnuts and cherries.

400 MDL/kg


Gentle chocolate biscuit, cream based on sour cream with cherry.

400 MDL/kg


Chocolate biscuit with chocolate mousse based on natural Belgian chocolate.

400 MDL/kg


Honey cakes with sour cream and walnuts.

400 MDL/kg


Gentle bisquit made from almond flour with “Mascarpone” cream and cherry.

450 MDL/kg

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